Picturing the Avant-Garde

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Picturing the Avant-Garde aims to broaden the interpretation of photographic imagery beyond traditional printing. The works included in this exhibition explore the conceptual potentiality of various alternative and experimental photographic processes such as gum prints, tin types, chemigrams, cyanotypes, gold orotypes, and lumen prints among others. This exhibition seeks to examine what makes an image a “photograph” and question the ambiguous borders that exist between photography, printmaking, bookmaking, and other media. These eight artists are not confined by the conventional principles of photography, but rather redefine those principles through their individual approach. For some, this means eschewing the use of camera and lens altogether. For others, this is accomplished by transforming images into three-dimensional sculptural objects. By engaging with the physical space through nontraditional installation methods, viewers are urged to consider photography beyond the flat two-dimensional framed image.