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This exhibition is my homage to Anna Atkins (1799-1871). She is the first female photographer we know of and she made the first photographic book. Atkins was interested in botany and made cyanotype images of plants. Cyanotypes is an emulsion painted onto a substrate and uses UV light to expose the image. Atkins learned this process from her neighbor Sir John Hershel, the inventor of the cyanotype process. Atkins went on to make numerous books and gave most of them away, and it is this gifting of her passion that ignites my imagination. Inspired by her life work, her bookmaking, and the gifting of her passion I made this exhibition. Plants and words are my subject matter in these images. I have also made 1000 cyanotype bookmarks. These bookmarks all have pieces of the words on them, making each one a piece of the whole. They are my gift to you, dear viewer—please take a bookmark home with you. May images and words forever be fused into a language of love, and may we all remember that we are a unique piece of the whole.